What We Do

Here at Sunset Skate Sessions, we like to keep it interesting. No one session is the same. But one thing is for sure, we skate every Sunday, and we have done it for 2 years now. (We launched officially on the 28th March 2014) and YES – Sessions are FREE to attend!

We cruise, we carve beachside boardwalks…and explore! Some like longboard dancing, some like freestyling and some like hitting gnarly slopes also known as downhill! There is also something that really bonds us together – we all like to eat! And like any family, we sit down for dinner after every session and that is why there is no official end time to our sessions, we literally just ‘roll with it’.

Sessions we have:

  • Cruise sessions – Suitable for all stages of boarding
  • Dance sessions – Suitable for those who want to get technical
  • Slide sessions – Suitable for those who want to kick it up a notch
  • Carpark sessions – Suitable for Intermediate and Advanced

Want to know more? Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for posts on when and where we would be and join us! Let’s just enjoy each other’s company, experience a different form of fitness and meet fellow long boarders with the same passion – whether you are just starting out or have been doing it for years – The more the merrier!


Travelling? From another state or country? We invite longboarders from all over the world to join us. Don’t be shy, say Hi! You have a skate family in Melbourne, Australia.

Sunsets & Skates,

SSSCrew x

Email: ssscrew@outlook.com

Instagram: @sunsetskatesessions

Facebook: Sunset Skate Sessions






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