The Faces of Sunset Skate Sessions


 Now that you’re here, let me introduce myself.

My name is Jesslyn and I’m the founder of Sunset Skate Sessions. I’m also a lifestyle longboarder and I also believe that anyone can skate if they wanted to. This is my story on how Sunset Skate Sessions have come to be who we are today.

Fresh back to Melbourne from my USA trip in 2013, I was determined to keep this Californian past time I have grown to love. I would skate the Venice beach boardwalk with my friends with a massive grin on my face and time didn’t matter! This feeling of freedom was amazing and I was hooked!

When I got back to Melbourne, I did not know anyone who skated. I also didn’t grow up with skate culture and wasn’t exposed to it either. So what do I do now?

This is my big why on starting Sunset Skate Sessions.

Skating alone, I started losing the motivation. I never improved and the excitement began to wear off . Then it clicked – the reason I was having so much fun in the USA was because I had awesome company kick pushing right with me! It was the fellowship that made skating fun! I knew I had to meet fellow boarders who wanted to just get out there and skate, but where do I even start?

I started getting proactive and would chat to random people (who have become friends) who were longboarding and before we knew it, our group was growing organically. Social media helped along the way and well, we are who Sunset Skate Sessions is today!

So don’t be shy! Grab your board and skate with us. I hope to see you at one of our skate sessions soon!

Jesslyn x


Meet Tim.

He is a mechanical engineer who has fallen in love with longboarding back in January 2015 and has embraced the sport wholeheartedly! He is now one of the main organisers of Sunset Skate Sessions and always there to help and welcome newbies to the crew. Tim also runs COWS ( Carpark Outlaw Winter Series) and is an all around great dude to get to know.

What does Sunset Skate Sessions mean to you Tim?

” The Sunset Crew is like my extended family. We are a group of people who like to skate, and eat whilst having a good time. I’d like to see Sunset Skate Sessions grow! To a point we become a more recognisable part of Melbourne City.” – Tim Bell

We love ya Tim!


Another familiar face you would see at Sunset Skate Sessions is Daniel. He currently works at Twelve Board Store in Richmond, and is passionate about longboarding. Growing up in a coastal town, he started skating about 6 years ago and downhill has been his forte for 4 of those years.

Daniel started skating with us a year and a half ago when he moved to Melbourne, found us through Facebook and he’s glad he did! He really wanted to find people to skate with and by being part of our community, he continues to meet new friends to skate with. Need any pointers on how to stand up slide? Dan is your man!

What does Sunset Skate Sessions mean to you, Dan?

” We are a group of individuals, at every skill level, who are all brought together by our love of skating. And we welcome anyone that shares that same passion” – Daniel Furlong



Despite being affectionally known as “Skater Jesus” at our sessions, his real name is Sean.

He is a super dad, works as a youth worker – which involves planning an delivering activities such as music events, leadership and personal skills training for the youth in high schools, runs a music website, play in a band and volunteer with the Melbourne Sea Shepherd Crew.

Sean found Sunset Skate Sessions through Facebook and was initially doubtful that we were a legit skate crew. He got a chance to meet Jess though a longboard event and decided to experience a skate session for himself and ever since then, you can see him shredding with us!

What does Sunset Skate Sessions mean to you Sean?

“To me, it means community. A group of friends who don’t care how good you can skate, don’t care where you came from or what you do for a 9-5. It’s an all inclusive community of people who really, really like riding boards, food and good times” – Sean Daly

Now that you have met the organisers, don’t hesitate to join us and introduce yourself.

We welcome everyone – those who are travelling or a skate crew anywhere in the world, we would love to show our support, link up and let you know you have a skate family here in Australia. If you are in Melbourne, you are most welcome to join us on our skate sessions which you would find details on our official Instagram @sunsetskatesessions and our Facebook page! Give us a follow and get on board with us!

Sunsets & Skates,

The SSSCrew Family x



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