Ppppssstt… Our new reveal!

Hi Sunset Family!

We have some amazing news to share with you!!

Some of you have contacted us in regards to having another day added to our usual skate sessions (Usually on Sunday evenings) and we are pleased to share that what you requested, we have considered and now it’s happening!


Yup! We have dedicated a day to one of the most popular and growing disciplines in the longboard community and we are pleased to advise that these dancing sessions will be held fortnightly over the Summer/Autumn on SATURDAYS starting March 11th 2017! So bring out your boards and let us get our fancy footwork onnnnn!

Who would be running these dance sessions you ask?

They are passionate about dancing and would love to grow the dancing community right here in Melbourne! They approached us with this amazing idea and we are stoked to introduce you to the legends who would be running the sessions –Brandon Yong and Roland Vo.


IMG_1398Dancer: Brandon Yong                                                                         Photographer: Daniel Furlong

Brandon is a systems engineer who is not stranger to skate. Dabbling in a few longboard disciplines along the way for 3 years, he found that dancing was his thing. We first met Brandon in November 2016 after he found us through our Facebook page and attended our Movember Charity Push Race! That is when he caught our attention with his board dancing skills! He has big plans for the longboard dancing community and we are glad to have him as part of the Sunset Skate Sessions family!

“Nothing beats the sensation of riding on a board and sharing that moment with your buddies.” – Brandon Yong


IMG_1397Dancer: Roland Vo

Roland started skating in 2009 and has fond memories of sliding his Sector 9 Pintail without gloves! Not to mention with Gullwing sidewinder trucks and square lipped wheels! Like most rookies, he quickly learnt that different set ups and protection do play an important part when it comes to the different disciplines in longboarding.

Roland fell in love with dancing in Mid 2016 when he could create new dancing lines, land trick combos whilst being in sync to his music. He found the Sunset Skate family through Twelve Board Store and is grateful to have found us, and we are grateful to have such a great dude join our community! When he isn’t grooving to his flow, Roland works in retail part-time and studies full time on his Diploma of Youth Services.

” My hopes for Sunset Dance Sessions is that it will be a warm and welcoming space for all skill levels. That everyone is willing to help each other improve and have FUN doing so!” – Roland Vo

So now that the secret is out – get your dancing boards out, let your friends and crew know about our Sunset Dance Sessions on Saturdays and join us!

Sunset & Skates,

Jesslyn x


Happy Australia Day!

Hey Longboard Fam and Welcome to 2017~!

We trust that you have had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! The Sunset Skate Sessions Crew had a break from skating to spend time with family & friends and now we are back and ready for whats in store for the year!

We just had our first major event for January! Normally we would participate in the Australia Day Parade on Bourke Street (as we have done it 2 years in a row) But we decided to change it up and take a road trip to Dromana (Mornington Peninsula) to spend the day at the Hillview Pump track with Triple Js Hottest 100! (Thanks Tim!)

The weather has perfect, not too cold, a light breeze and spots of sun, and what started out as a challenge with tumbles, falls and boards flying in all directions to each and every crew member getting the hang of it and were so focused on pumping and beating their personal best, that no one wanted to stop for lunch! Guess that having a BBQ was out of the plan! 🙂

How can longboard crew have so much fun!?! Oh yes we can! We are going to aim to host 1 big event per month so keep your eyes peeled as our major events will be posted on our Facebook Page. So come along, don’t be shy and get your skate on!

Sunset & Skates,

SSSCrew x


FAQ – You asked! We answered!

Wanting to join a crew can seem a bit intimidating at times, however put your fears aside and say Hi! Here are some pointers

* How do I become part of the crew?

Easy! There are no membership fees involved. All you have to do is be frequent in our skate sessions, have fun and actively get involved with our events.

* But I am just a beginner….

People from all walks of life and skate stages are welcome. We all learn from one another – No judgement. You’d be surprised at how much you learn from observing and trying things out! We also recommend you wear your helmet and protection pads at sessions.

* Is there an age limit to join??

No there is no age limit however, If you are under 18, you will need your parent/legal guardian approval to participate. Parents are more than welcome to arrange drop off/pick up points with the organisers.

* How often are the skate sessions?

We would skate every damn day if we could! Skate sessions are normally held on Sundays afternoons with locations and times are announced via our Instagram @sunsetskatesessions and on our Facebook page. Please be on time to our sessions, we understand that delays can happen, but keep in mind that most times we are on the move. Please contact us PRIOR to the event if you are running late and we will try to accommodate your request!

*How long do sessions go for?

Generally around 2-3 hours with no official ending time. You are more than welcome to leave at anytime but please inform the organisers of your departure.

* Do you give lessons?

Yes, we can. Submit your enquiry  with what you’d like to learn to

* Where can I get Sunset Skate Sessions merchandise?

You support the crew by purchasing our Official Merch by CLICKING HERE

*Are you involved with any charities?

We are more then happy to skate for a cause. Just let us know which charity you support and we can organise a fundraising event. We proudly skate for the Movember Foundation.



Kick Pushin for Mo’vember

20th November – With summer approaching, we decided to hold a kick push race for a good cause and chose The Mo’vember Foundation. Choosing the charity was easy – 90% of our crew are male and we were proud to support them.

Globally, the rate of suicide is alarmingly high, particularly in men. Too many men are ‘toughing it out’, keeping their feelings to themselves and struggling in silence. The Mo’vember Foundation is aiming to reduce the rate of male suicide by 25% by 2030, and the Sunset Skate Sessions Crew wanted to help them get there. We wanted to help stop men dying too young.

Our kick push race was held along the Port Melbourne Blvd with the finish line being at the St.Kilda skatepark – a 6.4KM push and our champions are:

1st – Zander (14 mins 52 secs)

2nd – Ben (14 mins 54 secs)

3rd – Dan ( 15 mins 30 secs)

Our aim was $200 and with the generosity of our fellow crew, we managed to raise $220. There is still time to donate and here is the link to do so!

A huge shoutout to DB Longboards & Blacklight Distribution Australia for the prizes!

Yup! We will be doing more kick pushes for different charities in the coming months – Damn it feels good to give~

Sunset & Skates,

Jesslyn & The SSSCrew