Ppppssstt… Our new reveal!

Hi Sunset Family!

We have some amazing news to share with you!!

Some of you have contacted us in regards to having another day added to our usual skate sessions (Usually on Sunday evenings) and we are pleased to share that what you requested, we have considered and now it’s happening!


Yup! We have dedicated a day to one of the most popular and growing disciplines in the longboard community and we are pleased to advise that these dancing sessions will be held fortnightly over the Summer/Autumn on SATURDAYS starting March 11th 2017! So bring out your boards and let us get our fancy footwork onnnnn!

Who would be running these dance sessions you ask?

They are passionate about dancing and would love to grow the dancing community right here in Melbourne! They approached us with this amazing idea and we are stoked to introduce you to the legends who would be running the sessions –Brandon Yong and Roland Vo.


IMG_1398Dancer: Brandon Yong                                                                         Photographer: Daniel Furlong

Brandon is a systems engineer who is not stranger to skate. Dabbling in a few longboard disciplines along the way for 3 years, he found that dancing was his thing. We first met Brandon in November 2016 after he found us through our Facebook page and attended our Movember Charity Push Race! That is when he caught our attention with his board dancing skills! He has big plans for the longboard dancing community and we are glad to have him as part of the Sunset Skate Sessions family!

“Nothing beats the sensation of riding on a board and sharing that moment with your buddies.” – Brandon Yong


IMG_1397Dancer: Roland Vo

Roland started skating in 2009 and has fond memories of sliding his Sector 9 Pintail without gloves! Not to mention with Gullwing sidewinder trucks and square lipped wheels! Like most rookies, he quickly learnt that different set ups and protection do play an important part when it comes to the different disciplines in longboarding.

Roland fell in love with dancing in Mid 2016 when he could create new dancing lines, land trick combos whilst being in sync to his music. He found the Sunset Skate family through Twelve Board Store and is grateful to have found us, and we are grateful to have such a great dude join our community! When he isn’t grooving to his flow, Roland works in retail part-time and studies full time on his Diploma of Youth Services.

” My hopes for Sunset Dance Sessions is that it will be a warm and welcoming space for all skill levels. That everyone is willing to help each other improve and have FUN doing so!” – Roland Vo

So now that the secret is out – get your dancing boards out, let your friends and crew know about our Sunset Dance Sessions on Saturdays and join us!

Sunset & Skates,

Jesslyn x


Author: Sunset Skate Sessions

Sunset Skate Sessions is Melbourne's most recognised longboarding community. We unite anyone and everyone from different walks of life for the mutual love to being outdoors, fellowship and board culture.

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