FAQ – You asked! We answered!

Wanting to join a crew can seem a bit intimidating at times, however put your fears aside and say Hi! Here are some pointers

* How do I become part of the crew?

Easy! There are no membership fees involved. All you have to do is be frequent in our skate sessions, have fun and actively get involved with our events.

* But I am just a beginner….

People from all walks of life and skate stages are welcome. We all learn from one another – No judgement. You’d be surprised at how much you learn from observing and trying things out! We also recommend you wear your helmet and protection pads at sessions.

* Is there an age limit to join??

No there is no age limit however, If you are under 18, you will need your parent/legal guardian approval to participate. Parents are more than welcome to arrange drop off/pick up points with the organisers.

* How often are the skate sessions?

We would skate every damn day if we could! Skate sessions are normally held on Sundays afternoons with locations and times are announced via our Instagram @sunsetskatesessions and on our Facebook page. Please be on time to our sessions, we understand that delays can happen, but keep in mind that most times we are on the move. Please contact us PRIOR to the event if you are running late and we will try to accommodate your request!

*How long do sessions go for?

Generally around 2-3 hours with no official ending time. You are more than welcome to leave at anytime but please inform the organisers of your departure.

* Do you give lessons?

Yes, we can. Submit your enquiry  with what you’d like to learn to ssscrew@outlook.com

* Where can I get Sunset Skate Sessions merchandise?

You support the crew by purchasing our Official Merch by CLICKING HERE

*Are you involved with any charities?

We are more then happy to skate for a cause. Just let us know which charity you support and we can organise a fundraising event. We proudly skate for the Movember Foundation.




Author: Sunset Skate Sessions

Sunset Skate Sessions is Melbourne's most recognised longboarding community. We unite anyone and everyone from different walks of life for the mutual love to being outdoors, fellowship and board culture.

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