Skate Etiquette…or Skatiquette..

Getting to know the basics with Dan

Cruising and mucking around with buddies is where most of us started skating. Gotta learn to walk before you run. Despite how simple pushing around may seem, there’s a good few things to remember so you don’t get on everyone’s nerves and become that guy everyone dreads skating with.

1. You’re not the best skater in the world.

Remain humble. Let your actions speak louder than your words. Especially when skating with those that have just begun to explore the world of skating. Nothing scares off new skaters more than some self claimed ‘sponsored’ rider talking about all they stuff they can do. Making others feel insignificant helps no-one involved. Especially if the growth of the skate scene holds a special place in your heart. I’m by no means saying don’t talk about how sick that sesh was last week. derp-skate-01But keep it more focused on the vibes in general and not how bloody rad you are ( or at least you think you are).


2. Know who you’re skating with.

This is so important for every aspect of skating with others, but it all starts with getting from point A to point B with ya skate brethren. Remember some people can leave you in the dust or you can potentially get so far ahead that others lose you. If you’re on the quicker side of this scale, slow the heck down Speed Racer. Let the slower people lead and set the pace. Waste time playing around on every feature you can find. Just because you’re not skating as quick doesn’t mean you’re having less fun. On the flip side, if you’re the slower guy (or gal) don’t feel like you have to exhaust yourself keeping up. If you feel like the pace is too quick simply ask others to calm down. There’s no shame in knowing your limits. In fact in every skate circle i’ve ever been involved in, knowing your limits earns you so much respect. Of course push these limits. But not so much that you’re the dude vomiting at the top of the hill you guys just pushed up(been there, done that).


3. Know how to stop.

I cannot stress this enough.  Know how to stop properly. Don’t be that human that has to jump off their board to avoid turning little kids and pets into fleshy pancakes.kitty-pancakes-01

Firstly it’s dangerous for everyone involved, nothing is more scary than when you’re skating behind someone and they just spontaneously pull the eject button on their skateboard. It’s so unpredictable, you have no idea where they plan to go and then on top of avoiding a flailing mess of arms and legs, you have to somehow maneuver around a rogue board that is highly likely aimed at some ones ankles. Learn to footbrake. It makes no sense learning to go without learning to stop at the same time. As you persevere to advance your pushing skills also endeavor to master foot-braking. Become the best all round skater you can.


4.Have some hecking fun!

No use treating skating as a sport. I love the idea that skating is not a sport. It’s not about what you do, it’s how you do it. Every time a big smile will always be worth so much more than some gnarly trick. If you’re having fun then you’re skating well. Get loose. Skate the way that makes you happy. Feed the stoke.




Author: myindieaustralia

I run shows, play music, write about music, buy music, listen to music etc etc Based in Melbourne, Australia.. i enjoy sharing what i like with others and it's my hope that you find something new to enjoy here. Welcome : )

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