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The soundtrack to your ride. We ask what sonic backdrops our crew like to use when hitting the boards.

Music and skate culture have had an undeniably close link over the years. As the scene grows and develops into new genres, styles and waves…so too does the skate side with emerging forms and styles.

Anyone who enjoyed the Tony Hawk Pro-Skater games back in the day (read: the 90’s) would be well aware of the relationship between punk music and skating. The soundtrack to an entire generation of skate kids was backed by Blink182, Greenday ,Pennywise, Offspring and Rancid to name just a few. In fact it’s fair to say the pairing of Punk and Skate culture was essentially two forms of expression to the same end. Of course it wasn’t so easy to take a CD player with you for a session back then so alternatives had to be found.

Today we have sooo much more! Headphones that sound better and wont fall out when you’re cruising. In fact some don’t even have chords anymore! Phones will play virtually any album from anywhere in the world, anytime right in your pocket. The result is a technology and market that enables you to decide exactly what you want to hear, when and where. Its no longer exclusively a punk/skate relationship either. As skateboarding in all it’s forms gain more and more acceptance within mainstream culture the music riders enjoy is less underground or more varied.

So we’ll ask the big question now that we are un-wired and online: what do you listen to when you’re out having a skate?



Straight up it’s chill music for me when I’m longboarding. Strange that my punk/hardcore background doesn’t necessarily fit in with my mood when boarding! If I’m on my own and just carving a hill or doing a trip up to the shops it’s Aussie electronic stuff like Hermitude or Alison Wonderland that works for me.



Their smooth synths with big beats and bass wobbles are an essential addition to any solo skate. I like the grooves and the drops because I can kind of carve and push in time with them. There’s also less singing and lyrics to focus on so it’s really just the music and the beat that settles into my head when I’m riding. Anything else would be distracting!


A lot of different stuff passes through my headphones though I don’t listen to music when I am skating so much as when I am on my way to a session. I am really getting into some Aussie hip-hop from the likes of Seth Sentry and Briggs as well as some more rocky stuff from the Delta Riggs. All these acts are awesome ways to get amped for a session!

Seth Sentry’s lyrics often revolve around skate culture and growing up through the 90s in Melbourne’s south east.  seth-sentry-run-cover

The fuzzy psych rock from the Delta Riggs is an awesome mix of rock, punk and soul from every decade since the 60s, awesome tunes that really set the tone for some great, don’t-care skate sessions.



Personally I don’t really listen to music much while skating. I rely on my sense of sound so much while bombing hills, especially when skating close with others. However music is a massive part of what gets me into the mood for a skate, and boy oh boy my taste in music gets angsty in these times.



A few personal favourites of mine are the likes of Modern Baseball and Neckdeep. Imperfect vocals and lyrics straight from the heart calm any anxiety in my mind. Which is perfect since I find I skate so smooth and stylish(well compared to usual) while calm and relaxed.


So what about you? Do you go for the hard and fast styles like punk or hardcore?

Are you a mellow cruiser who spins some chillstep or reggae?

Or maybe you’re just a viber who goes for whatever feels good at the time?


Also go here and have a listen to these great artists and get your stoke on!!

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