Hello World

Oh hi!

This is going to be an online home for news, stories and features that center around our love of boarding and skate culture! We love this city, we love this sport and we have a great community around it so what better way to support it than by getting involved!

As always the social media component will remain a strong link to our friends and skate fam so if you have any questions you can always message or comment on our pages to get in touch.

We have a contact form here as well if you don’t want everyone to see it…! (see up top)

We have some plans to get into some issues, share idea’s and thoughts about longboarding. We’ll talk shop and get a little nerdy at times, there’ll be pics and video’s and shout-outs to all the cool places and people that get behind what we do here.

For now, stay tuned..bookmark this space, we’ll keep you posted!!


Author: myindieaustralia

I run shows, play music, write about music, buy music, listen to music etc etc Based in Melbourne, Australia.. i enjoy sharing what i like with others and it's my hope that you find something new to enjoy here. Welcome : )

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